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The Tangier must have piece from Tam-O watches

One of the reasons why anything designed by Apple (or Johny Ive) is liked by people is for the sheer minimalism and a clear no crap policy incorporated in the products. Unnecessary bells and whistles which 180th customer would use it once in a year, are all removed. What ends up is a simple and minimalist product.

Tam-O is a watch brand very much on the same lines when it comes to design. A minimalist design, sleek outlook, simple and soft colors is something that makes their watches very attractive. One of their watches is Tangier. With a starting price of $105 and free shipping worldwide, this is a bang for buck product. The quality of the product is evident without question, once you see the 5-year warranty mentioned along with free returns and exchanges. Some basic specifications include – Case size: 36 mm, Dial opening: 32 mm, Strap width: 18 mm. Movement: GL20 Japanese Movement, 316L Stainless Steel Case, Mineral Glass and a beautiful Leather Strap. The overall design is very professional and the rose gold finish makes it a beautiful accessory to carry on your wrist.

About the brand:

Tam-O symbol comes from Morocco’s mystical artistic tradition which is embedded in all their products. The brand as a whole believes in energy being part of everything – man made or natural. Each Tam-O watch is created with fine attention to detail, not just to help you keep track of the time but to connect you with the power of the present moment and everything around you. For an end user what ultimately matters is the quality of product, ethics in making of product and after sales service. In all of these areas, Tam-O gets a full tick mark.

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