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Sharing your love is easier this Saint Valentine with Totwoo!

The day of love has finally arrived and millions of couples are competing on how best to celebrate with their special one. Totwoo Love Code is the answer. With Totwoo sharing your love is easier, this gorgeous brand creates Smart jewelry that helps to convey in interactive human emotions, like “love, luck and blessing” but still look trendy.

Indeed, you can choose to pair up your piece of jewelry with your lover. Messages can be sent in real time simply by slightly tapping the jewelry. How amazing is this? and the best part is that It keeps you connected, ALWAYS.

On the below image you can see some of the pieces of jewelry and the cool functions such as: Break Reminder, Love Code and Call Notification

And guess what? I have an amazing gift for my readers: You can purchase any Totwoo piece of jewelry with 30% off using my unique code “lovetotwoo” on the official website You are still in time to make your lover the happiest ! Hurry up and click on the link.

You can find Totwoo on the following social media platforms: Instagram and Facebook .

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