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My Beauty routine with Heinrich Barth

Caring for face and body

Humans’ skin is different from animals. Nature wasn’t aware that we humans would be evolving to work in fast paced industries, face daily smoke and traffic, spend hours in commute and then face abrupt temperature changes at work. This develops an important need for taking care of our skin and face in order to have a personality made to compete in the modern world. Having a natural glow, soft and moist skin free from any type of patches and marks is a must for today.

Some great products to try

Before we discuss on what all products to try for on your skin it is important to know first what to avoid. Avoid any type of products that contain animal derivatives, or chemicals like PEG and parabens. These ingredients will give you the short-term benefits along with a heavy and stressful problems which you couldn’t have thought off.

Products from Heinrich Barth, a brand that really cares for their customers and gives products dedicated to various skin type are recommended. You can try Face and Body lotion which comes with hyaluronic acid that is highly effective in regulating skin hydration. Infused with a blend of vegetable oils and vitamins the lotion nourishes and enriches the skin making it elastic and toned. You can go for N04 Dakar SKIN SOFTENING and BODY CLEANSER also. It is made of fruit extracts and aloe, together making it a gentle formula that makes your skin soft. Another product from the same brand is FACE & BODY MOISTURISING CREAM, which is ideal to nourish and repair a dry and damaged skin. It improves the skin texture and enhances glow and smoothness.

About Heinrich Barth

The most important aspect of the brand Heinrich Barth is that their products are all naturals, free from animal derivatives as well as chemicals like PEG and parabens. All their products are manufactured in Italy. The primary line is without scent, neutral, cruelty-free and designed for a traveler who wants to feel comfortable in his environment without leaving a trace. They source the best ingredients from local flora around the world, to recreate the aura of a destination that lingers on as a souvenir.

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