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Jogging in Axl & Ivy sportwear

When it comes to sportwear, I always look for something comfortable, affordable and stylish at the same time. For this I chose Axl & Ivy a Sportwear brand based in Southern Norway which provides a good combination between price and quality to customers.

The material is so soft and light, it makes you feel you are wearing barely anything. You have different products for women going from tights, sports bras, hoodies, tops and more..

One of my favourite sport outfit is the Garnet Red Axl & Ivy legging made with moisture-wicking material with the Garnet red sports bra made of milk silk fabric and Hoodie made from a thicker fabric mixture of spandex and nylon.

And my second favourite is the triple colour thights with the eeri black sports bra made with milk silk fabric on the inside and removable padding

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