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Who is Romina Meier? Romina Meier known as “Donna Romina” is a German influencer that inspires thousands of followers with her unique sense of style. She currently partnered with Ideal of Sweden for a brand new glamorous collection.

We all use our phones 24/7 nowadays and often end up breaking them. To keep them safe, we now have million of brands that create protection covers to keep our telephone unbreakable.

Ideal of Sweden makes sure your phone is well protected, but still stylish. With Donna Romina a selection of glamorous and trendy covers has been created From bold animal prints to opulent ornaments and dramatic, nature-inspired elements that presents creative names: Khaki snake, salt water marble, marigold leo, mother earth. My favourite is definitely Marigold leo, so chic and luxurious.

Below you can see some of Donna Romina’s creations:

you can purchase any cases with my discount code: ID20-RQ244 for 20% off at, it will expire on November 6th 2019.

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