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Who is Romina Meier? Romina Meier known as “Donna Romina” is a German influencer that inspires thousands of followers with her unique sense of style. She currently partnered with Ideal of Sweden for a brand new glamorous collection. We all use our phones 24/7 nowadays and often end up breaking them. To keep them safe, […]

A day in Harrods

What is better than spending your weekend chilling with your girlfriends in one of the most luxury shopping malls? Eating a lovely “fondue au chocolat” at caffè Godiva and trying on Chloé’s nude colours on!!

When in the French Riviera..

I love going back home, time to time..I see it as a way to escape the crazy and busy London city life. I can unplug my mind and spend time with the most important people in my life while sipping good wine and eating great food by the seaside. However, I also enjoy getting a little […]

Best way to say goodbye to Summer

As summer is coming to an end and September is at the door, what is the best way to celebrate if not by going to an exciting luxury destination with your best friends?  Me and my girls stayed in the heart of Porto Cervo and spent time in our favorite spots: if you are a truffle obsessed, […]