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Allison Soro

Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Beautify – Fun, Fashion and Flow!

It is long gone, the period where any “women brand” was just associated with female dresses, pink accessories, and attire. Keeping in pace with the world which is recognizing the true potential of the fairer sex, there are very few brands catering to females with holistic and reliable product offerings. Beautify brand from Manchester is […]

Casio Vintage iconic and authentic design

In today’s fast paced world with fancy gadgets and props churning out like biscuits from factory, one device that still holds its place is  – wrist watch. Agreed, you have phones and laptops that can pretty much provide you the time and tracking, but even then, what a simple flick of wrist can achieve, can’t […]

SS19 collection, Les 100 Ciels

Have you got tired with repetitive copied designs even from premium brands? Some textile designs would give you a feel that the designer was just given a task to finish in a day. Have a look at these 3 beautiful new concept-based body loving clothing. The Spring Summer ’19 collection signifies the appreciation of life […]

My Beauty routine with Heinrich Barth

Caring for face and body Humans’ skin is different from animals. Nature wasn’t aware that we humans would be evolving to work in fast paced industries, face daily smoke and traffic, spend hours in commute and then face abrupt temperature changes at work. This develops an important need for taking care of our skin and […]

Jogging in Axl & Ivy sportwear

When it comes to sportwear, I always look for something comfortable, affordable and stylish at the same time. For this I chose Axl & Ivy a Sportwear brand based in Southern Norway which provides a good combination between price and quality to customers. The material is so soft and light, it makes you feel you […]

Love your skin with Folium Medica

Face Toners In today’s fast-paced world, with so much of pollution and detrimental diets, a glowing face is an asset you should strive to have. A good face toner is a very necessary-to-have item. You just need to work on and find out the right toner for you. Hydrating Face Toner with MSM There are […]

Venice with Marco Secchi

What is better than visiting one of the most fascinating places in Italy and having an experienced photographer taking you to amazing photo walks around Venice aswell as other cities? Marco Secchi is and English speaking,  award winner professional photo reporter providing images for the news,  and editorial markets. He will “point out details invisible […]