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Best way to say goodbye to Summer

As summer is coming to an end and September is at the door, what is the best way to celebrate if not by going to an exciting luxury destination with your best friends? 

Me and my girls stayed in the heart of Porto Cervo and spent time in our favorite spots: if you are a truffle obsessed, like I am, go to “La Specialita” inside Billionaire – they cook an amazing Pizza with truffle – and if you are a sushi addicted go to Legami Sushi & More in Poltu Qualtu, a really lovely place with an amazing view.

If you have the time, take a boat to Sardinia’s secret island, La Maddalena. Enjoy the gold sand beaches and the clear water, you will seriously not believe what you are seeing.

However, do not forget to go in good company and with great summer accessories – lots of great shops will wait for you!

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