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7 moments and most spectacular shows from Milan Fashion Week

Fashion is the theme of these days. We are in the fashion season and so far has ended fashion week in New York, London, Milan and meanwhile, is still in Paris.

There are times when the mentioned cities become chaotic, filled with colorful fashion dresses. Fashion Week serves that fashion designers of fashion houses present their new collections thus orienting us in the direction of the latest trends.

Milan Fashion Week was the week that brought fashion-loving people to Milan. Looking at their fall/winter collection ’19 / ’20, I would notice that stylists were looking for and digging into the past and the trends that dominated in that period to be inspired.

The collections that were presented at Milan Fashion Week will undoubtedly make the fashion-loving women very happy.

I am summarizing the most important moments and fashion shows of the fashion week in Milan, so in the fashion capital, and that you should not miss them all.


Gucci always knows how to draw attention by bringing down the most bizarre things and for this year the models that introduced the new collection came with masks in the face.

According to Gucci this decision has been taken to stir up the little public fantasy and what they want to actually see.


Have you ever thought that the routine of washing, drying, ironing clothes would be at the center of a collection from one of the most prestigious brands?

Yes, yes, it was Moschino who has decided to bring a bolder collection and we must admit it was very magnificent at the same time, as always …


The gowns in the Moncler parade have attracted attention and are well commented. Moncler has brought a new trend we do not yet know if we will see it interpreted on the streets of the city.


The Philosophy Collection by Lorenzo Serafin was full of glitter, giving us the impression that we had a party organized by the fashion house when we saw the fashion show and collection inspired by the 90s.


While we all looked at Fend’s collection, which would mark the latest collection of renowned German stylist Karl Lagerfeld.

This parade was more like tribute and homage to the legendary stylist who has worked up to the last day of life for this collection and has always done a good job.


Black dominated Versace’s drawer and what attracted more attention is runway scenery. The collection had to do with a mixture of black color and colors mainly: orange, green and pink.

In the parade walks the most popular models of the fashion world. Donatella Versace always brings the best in the fashion week.


If you would like to give the impression of a powerful, modern, attractive and elegant woman through your dress, then Max Maria’s collection would be perfect for you.

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